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tv   Today  NBC  December 9, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EST

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captions paid for by nbc-universal television hello, everybody. it's thirsty thursday, december 8th. we are so glad you're here with us today. >> it's starting to feel like december finally. in the 30s, people have hats and coats on in new york. >> we had a big day yesterday. stayed in the city last night. we have apartments in the same building. i'm on the 37th floor. i did not literally sleep one minute all night long because
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the wind was howling like crazy. >> it's crazy windy in our building. it's chalet-like. i get nervous. >> oh, what a day, you might ask, did we have. >> we had a great day. >> first of all we'll talk about alec. >> he issued what was said to be an apology. he apologized after the all the antics yesterday. you know the story about him on a plane, how he was playing a game. he didn't turn it off. he got into an altercation and was kicked off the plane. he apologized to the passengers, but this is how he apologized to the airline, i guess. here is his quote. "the lesson i've learned is to keep my phone off when the 1950s gym teacher is on duty. that was my fault there even though this trip was different from others, in this case when other people were still manipulating their own phones, this one employee singled me out to put my phone away."
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if you listen to the post from what witnesses said, a witness heard him saying, i want your blanking name right now, alec baldwin speaking to the flight attendant. >> i don't know, who do you believe? knowing our alec the way we do. >> i think they are both right. >> he also said he was going to shut down his twitter account. this is how he described it. let's play a game called mass on following. i want to crash this account and start again. here is the thing about twitter. you can hit that send button and then it's out there. that's it. it's out there and you got troubles. >> there should be a button that asks you a question first, think this through, are you sure? really? take a moment to think about this. that's life in general, you know? >> i think when you see someone who is in power knocking someone
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who has none, it's terrible to listen to and watch. >> here is the thing that bothers me the most about it. ultimately, and we are all selfish people. our natural state is selfishness. a baby comes out crying. they want attention, give me, down, mine, out. you spend the rest of your life trying to deal with those kinds of natural urges, right? ultimately, what it was is just very selfish. it means there is no concern for every other passenger on that plane. they were delayed. i hope he feels it. was it worth it? someone is having a heart attack and you wait for somebody to come on and help the person, a doctor to come, everybody understands there is a really good reason for a delay like that. when it's something as silly and insignificant as that. first of all, he's sitting in first class. a lot of people in the back are scrunched. i think he'll learn it from. alec is not an all bad guy.
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he's just not. >> he's very charming, can be funny and great to talk with. >> we had so much fun yesterday. i woke up thinking about the broadway show we saw yesterday. i fell asleep smiling because of what we saw. >> i bet you did. >> i woke up thinking about it. it was hugh jackman back on broadway. it was so incredible. >> where do we begin? >> it was such a great show. >> he accomplishes absolutely everything without practically even breaking a sweat. he's with these darling girls, four of them were making their broadway debuts. he just makes it look effortless and it's not. he loses three pounds a day doing this show. >> look how natural he is. >> he not only sings, he tells stories about his life. he talked about how you get a phone call in your life and it can change your life. you get thousands of calls and one changes your life.
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he got a call saying he is going to carnegie hall. he called his dad to say you've got to see me at carnegie hall. his dad was a tight attorney. he never took off work. he said i'm taking tleeg days off, one day to get there, one day to see the show, one day to get back. he says it's a black tie event. i want to pick you up at your hotel, walk you to carnegie hall. hugh said you can do that. knock, knock, and there is his father wearing the black tie. he said i told you it's not black tie. he said my son is performing at carnegie hall. i am wearing black tie. you were laughing and crying and singing. >> he could have had a self-indulgent show. he deserves it. he's the cover of sexiest man alive on "people."
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it was so self-deprecating and so with a wink. it was the absolute perfect, perfect tone. i always thought he's the nicest guy in this business. now i really do think he is the nicest guy on the planet, too. he is beloved by everybody he works with. he treats everyone with so much respect. >> we went backstage. there is a special reason we went backstage. not everybody got to go backstage. sunny came with us. >> i wasn't planning on going backstage, you can see that. i've been studying painting. you wear one of those painting things. none of us look very good, but who does standing next to hugh jackman? >> he was auctioning off at the end of the show he had a sweaty, smelly -- >> i doubt it smelly. >> t-shirt. >> then he starting a bidding for it. >> for equity fights aids, the actors' fund. i started bidding thinking i'm going to get the price up. we bid, we bid. it starts to take on a life of its own. >> it got huge. >> between this other woman on
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the other side. >> you go, i want to see her. >> i go, i want to see her. you, you, bring it on. she stands up and she makes her big bid and i go, you win. thinking, yes, i got it up to a lot of money! >> and then -- >> and then he says, i have two t-shirts you can both make that. i'm not telling you the amount because frank is probably watching at home. >> he's going to be upset and angry. >> but look what i got for it. i want to smell it first. there is a new research, there is research out that says -- what's it say? >> you can tell a person's personality from their b.o. your body odor. >> that is a nasty way to say it. from their personal scent. >> after they've been sweating. get in. >> oh. >> he smells good. he smells good. >> oh. >> i want some. >> you give me a check for half
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the amount. >> i don't want it that bad. >> take it out. it is damp. >> it's sweaty. >> it's got a little make-up on it. and there it is. hugh jackman. oh, my gosh. what should i do with it? i'm thinking about what we should do. if somebody wants to make an equal gift to equity fights aids, i would be happy to give this up for them. otherwise it's going in my studio at home framed. >> you also hit another broadway show. >> yes. i was staying in town because friends of mine are involved with a terrific new show called "bonnie and clyde." there's a lot to like about this show. first of all these stars, jeremy jordan and laura osnis play bonnie and clyde respectively. if you want to see the future of broadway, see these two young people. they are 27 and 26.
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they are brilliantly talented. the critics were not that nice, unfortunately, to the show. i didn't think they deserved some of the knocks they got. my friend john mcdaniel did amazing orchestration. here is the thing about it. i want to say nice things about it because it's harder and harder to bring a new story and a new show to broadway. if we don't start supporting them, you're going to have revital after revival after revival. they are great. i know how tough it is to bring a new show to broadway. i want to support my friend. it's hard work, blood, sweat, tears and dreams. go see "bonnie and clyde." it's really, really worthy. >> we have, you guys, a special guest here. he smells like heaven and his name is isaiah mustafa. >> the old spice guy. >> thank you, ladies. good to see you.
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>> you want to smell hugh jackman? >> no, no, i have enough going on here. i'm good. >> are you secure in your manhood? >> i'm very good in my manhood. yes, yes. i heard you speaking of smells, though. >> you're traveling the country giving gifts away. you brought matt a gift, we saw earlier. >> did you actually paint that? >> i had a little help. because bob russ has passed on. >> he has a lovely selection of books you can learn from. i wanted to celebrate your beauty by giving you a couple of gifts that i have here. >> where are they? >> thank you, jerry. thank god someone knows what is going on. >> hello today show ladies, on my quest to give every single person in the world a gift i gave you this oversized novelty check for the favorite camera person. the man who brings beverages, hijinks to the world every morning.
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he does have the enviable pleasure seeing your beautiful face parts through the machine, his predawn attitude are wordy of something extra this year. happy holidays, everyone. >> what the hell did you say? >> i tend to talk in a roller coaster way. i would like to give you both something here to celebrate your beauty. >> what have you been drinking this morning. >> same thing as in your cup. >> isaiah, we love you. >> i love coming on. >> i like the tie thing happening here. >> thank you. i appreciate that. this is varbados. >> excuse us, excuse us very much. >> if you want to see more of this, go to old spice's youtube channel. >> isaiah, thank you. >> thanks so much. >> just what you want when you're 58, a mirror. but thank you. >> we have quick time for ihoda play list. this is big. this is mellow and calm. it's called "a thousand years." it's when you loved someone all your life.
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♪ every hour has closed one step closer ♪ >> christina perry. >> here it goes. ♪ i have died every day waiting for you ♪ ♪ darling don't be afraid i have loved you for a thousand years ♪ ♪ i love you for a thousand more ♪ >> this song, by the way, is like one of the number one songs. i'll tell you why. not just because it's a great song, but it's also one of the scenes from "twilight. " >> vampires live that long. not crazy about it. sorry. >> how are you not crazy about it? >> i'm not. it's a little draggy for me, okay?
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unless you're watching, sucking their blood. what's the point? i think she is a lovely singer, but i don't think it's a great song. >> listen to it all the way through. >> no thanks. >> is it okay to move on too soon after a break-up? that's one of those questions. >> i answered this at the time with the j. lo situation, the marc anthony thing had come out. >> you said if you've been married, wait until the ink drys. >> hoda said sometimes divorce proceedings can take years so it's okay to date. make sure it's all over except the paperwork. we are getting a lot of this. we can take our time, but we'll be right back. we know a place where tossing and turning have given way to sleeping. where sleepless nights yield to restful sleep. and lunesta can help you get there, like it has for so many people before. when taking lunesta, don't drive or operate machinery
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until you feel fully awake. walking, eating, driving, or engaging in other activities while asleep, without remembering it the next day, have been reported. abnormal behaviors may include aggressiveness, agitation, hallucinations or confusion. in depressed patients, worsening of depression, including risk of suicide, may occur. alcohol may increase these risks. allergic reactions, such as tongue or throat swelling, occur rarely and may be fatal. side effects may include unpleasant taste, headache, dizziness and morning drowsiness. ask your doctor if lunesta is right for you. then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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it's the role she'll never live down. i don't think she wants to. melissa gilbert captured our hearts as laura engells in "little house on the prairie." also starring michael landon.
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>> she has a project playing a domineering stage director in the tv movie called "the christmas pageant." take a look. >> listen, beverly, it's obvious you don't want me here, but i am here and i am the director. and in my job as the director, i will make whatever decisions i have to make regardless of whether you like them or not. got it? >> whoa. >> i like this movie because it starts right off the bat -- by the way, hi. >> hi. >> with you on broadway directing. she has a fight with the writer who takes umbrage. >> you know the word. >> you're not allowed to do that. you have to pass everything through the writer. >> well, apparently not this character. she feels she is the end all, be all and gets fired for it and can only get a job directing a christmas pageant in some little town in upstate new york. >> the transition must have been tough for this character. >> it was. it's definitely a lot of lessons learned. it turns out the reason she's
2:24 am
been hires is because her former fiance has been following her not so good career and pays her and brings her in. it's a romantic comedy. i've seen it. i'm really pleased with it. >> hallmark does good stuff. >> they do. >> how come everybody has to get out of the big city to find out what matters in life and find the love of their life? >> i don't know, but apparently you have to take a cake in the chest. a big old vanilla cake covered in chocolate icing. i don't know what it is. >> yes. >> is that the girl that played suzy in the lemonade commercials? >> yes. >> i love her. >> let me tell you something about this little girl. this little girl has such a future ahead of her. she is so brilliantly talented. and she is very grounded and she's very, i'm a little critical when it comes to child actors. i think i have a right to be.
2:25 am
this girl is all instinct and she is funny. >> how old is she? >> 9. same age when i was in "house." >> when is the last thing you did something comedic like this? >> you mean beyond my own life at home where i tend to trip going upstairs? i tripped going to the ladies' room here. >> there is a lot of alcohol here early in the morning. >> not for me. >> you've been sober for how long? >> seven years. >> good for you. >> how is your life? how are you doing? >> it's complicated. not to use the title in an alec baldwin movie, but it is. >> that was a great movie. >> there are days when it's type and everything is good and there are days it's rough and our family is working through. the first holiday with the family split is weird. >> it was your first thanksgiving and now will be your first christmas. >> but for new year's -- there's my family.
2:26 am
i am doing something i've never done in my whole life. i'm going by myself to paris for a week where i rented an apartment. i don't have an agenda. i'm going to go to museums. i'm going to eat a lot of brie cheese and just try to enjoy being on my own. >> it's going to be another hallmark movie. >> then there will be the maitre d turns out to be the son of a shipping magnate. >> we wish you the best with everything. >> thank you. have a great holidays. >> you, too. >> you can catch "a christmas pageant" sunday night on the hallmark channel. >> webtastic is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. that's up next. ♪
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on the network they deserve. like the powerful droid charge by samsung, or get the samsung stratosphere, and for a limited time, get twice the data for the same low price. verizon. ♪ have a holly jolly christmas >> we are back with sara's series called webtastic. >> that's when sara searches for the next big internet hit. >> this will get you into the holiday spirit.
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members of the royal navy made this video after learning they would make it home for christmas after spending 7 1/2 months away. ♪ i hear those sleigh bells ringing ♪ ♪ would you please come over to me ♪ ♪ i don't want a lot for christmas ♪ ♪ this is all i'm asking for ♪ i just want to see my baby ♪ standing outside my door ♪ i just want you for my own ♪ all that you could ever know ♪ make my wish come true ♪ baby all i want for christmas ♪ ♪ is you >> they were supposed to only be deployed for 7 1/2 weeks. >> are you kidding? >> they got stuck for 7 1/2 months. they did this as a guess what, we are coming home. mariah carey saw it and tweeted,
2:32 am
this is the best thing i've ever seen, you guys made my day. happy, happy christmas. and 720,000 hits. >> it's one of the top-selling billboard songs. >> make your own menorah and other decorations. >> and keeping the kids happy. >> southern hospitality comes to our kitchen. wait till you see what we've got cooking, after this.
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♪ on the road again >> we are back on this thirsty thursday with "today's moms" and essentials if you're hitting the roads with kids this month. >> she is filled with stuff that will make everybody happy when you're trying to get from here to there with kids in tow. >> hello, dana point.
2:37 am
>> how are you? >> good. >> snacks. everyone needs snacks. >> they are really important when traveling. this is a clever stackable container. it's from yaba, it's from pottery barn kids. you can use it for snacks for older kids also. it holds formula if you're formula feeding your baby. >> you know jerry doesn't want you to steal this. >> i want it. >> this will hook to the diaper bag. >> you like these things that do more than one task. >> this is a serious multitasker. it's a bassinet, changing table and folds into a diaper bag. >> that is great wish i had that when i was a young mom. >> it's super clever. >> we had many children who were going to occupy this seat. they are right over there and they are so cute. >> we'll meet them later. >> you will meet them in a second. this is a polar gear infant seat if you're going to visit your
2:38 am
mother-in-law or in a restaurant. it has a five-point harness like a car seat. it's super secure and safe. >> and hooks on to the back of a chair. >> that's $40. >> the next category is they think of everything. you lose kids' socks in airports. you fixed that. >> these are sock-ons, $8 each invented by a mother of five. she knew a thing or two about lost socks. you put them over the sock and they are snuggier. these are potty protectors. they cover the toilet seat if you're in an airport bathroom, gas station, things like that. you can get a pack of 10 for $10. so they're pretty reasonable. they are extra large size because you know how children grab the edge. this is the potette.
2:39 am
if you're traveling in a car, it is a disposable liner, collapsable seat. inside, i'm not sure you can see it, but there is an absorbant liner like diaper material that catches whatever comes. you throw it away and you can use it again. really smart. >> genius. >> this is the travel tot. it's $25 and everything you need to childproof in a house or a hotel room. it has the handles covered for doorknobs, everything. for kids who get car sick or air sick, these are the sea bands for children. they help with morning sickness or boat travel. they are available in a child size. >> look how tiny they are. >> it works by accupressure. it presh presses on the points. >> we have two beautiful children. >> uncooperative children. >> hi, you guys. happy holidays.
2:40 am
>> and they have these adorable zoobies animals. it's an animal and a blanket. it folds up. >> and it's freezing here. >> it comes off for washing. it's $35. it's useful and fun. >> adorable. what about this little pink one here? >> i don't know if she is going to give it up. >> don't even try. >> dana, thank you. grab those kids. we've got something for them to do. >> how to upcycle. that means danny. your holiday decorations right after this. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of a pain free holiday. ♪ this season, discover aleve.
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all day pain relief with just two pills. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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now for our favorite and one and only upcycler. >> we only know one upcycler. he's here to help you take that stuff sitting around your house and turn it into fine holiday decor. danny is the author of "the upcycler." create beautiful stuff with the things you already have. >> i love you, too.
2:45 am
>> insincerity. >> let's begin with ornaments. >> let's start with your balls. >> okay. >> these are danny's balls. stop it. dirty minded. >> so festive. these are upcycled plastic shopping bags. we have plastic bags in different colors. it's easy to make your own ornaments. you take the plastic bags and make strips like this and roll them around and around. >> i bet that's therapeutic, too. >> until you get a beautiful upcycled holiday ball. it's easy, it's scissors and tying knots and you're done. >> and they are beautiful. >> beautiful balls. >> you know michael's storing, but they are nice. >> for a kid's tree, they're great. if you needed a school project for kids. >> now you're talking. >> this would be perfect for them. this is a gingerbread cookie ornament. a great kid-friendly project. i have one for you.
2:46 am
one for you. you can tell the difference. this isn't gingerbread. this is cardboard. >> thank you, danny. >> we were confused for a minute. >> we wanted to eat it. >> oh, god. okay. >> we already started off badly. you said you almost gagged when you saw us smell hugh jackman's t-shirt. >> yes, i did, i did. >> how is that possible? >> it's in a zip-lock. >> to preserve it! >> it was firmating the whole time. >> it was one day. you're just jealous because we love hugh jackman. >> we are going to frost these gingerbread cookies. in lieu of using actual frosting, you use this t-shirt puffy paint. then it dries and you have something permanent as an ornament for your tree. that's absolutely beautiful. >> we're not done. >> i made his hair.
2:47 am
i love doing stuff like this. >> she could do it all day. >> we could auction these off for your favorite charities. it's something where kids can take cardboard and do stars, gingerbread cookies, a moose and you have a frosted ornament. >> do you like mine? >> it's beautiful. >> look at mine. >> who wants it? who wants it? >> i'm gumby-dammit. let's just continue. look at the difference, hoda. just look at that. >> here is kathie lee's. >> mine looks like betty crocker. yours looks like gumby. >> they're beautiful. >> oh. >> who wants to buy this on ebay? >> i don't do crafts. >> here is an upcycled menorah.
2:48 am
flea markets are a great place to find vintage bottles. what you can do to decorate the inside is take a funnel, take the paint color of your choice. pour it on the inside like this. it's going to go inside the bottle and you swirl it around and coat the inside. let it dry completely and you've got yourself a beautiful menorah. take old containers you have. sugar shakers, fill on the inside with little figurines from the craft store. take styrofoam in the blender and you have instant snow globe. >> what do you do with that? >> it's a decorative thing. >> you look at that. >> you add glitter to it. you pour it on the inside. glue these reindeer on the inside. >> do you live alone? >> oh, my gosh. >> come on. >> do the tie wreath. we are dying for that one. >> casual friday now.
2:49 am
it seems like the whole week is casual. take a collection of old neckties, pin them into place. >> that is quite nice. >> you have a festive wreath. go to goodwill if you don't have enough ties. i love this one. take a crafts store tray unfinished and your hotel key cards. >> you've been in a few, hoda woman. >> you grout them into place. this is powdered grout. you add water to it. perfect gift to give someone. how cute is this? this is a little glass bottle, something that had soda in it. i put scupty clay on the front. bake it in the oven. personality vases. perfect for your new year's table. kid-friendly project. >> danny, you're a sweetheart. >> i love you guys. >> you take enormous abuse from us, but we love you. >> holiday food with a southern kick. up next.
2:50 am
good morning. here is your weather channel forecast. pretty quiet across much of the country, just a few exceptions. rain possible in south texas. also in florida. but it's where we're seeing the white. we could see several inches of snow. but only in a few locations. most of the spots here in white just going to pick up a dusting. it's going to be places like buffalo, new york and niagara false. could see maybe 5, 6, 8 inches of snow. and watertown, new york could see a foot of snow on the ground. so it's going to be that lake-effect snow. big reason for that, that cold air moving over the lakes picks up that relatively warmer water, that moisture from the warmer water and dumps a whole bunch of snow. mild in the south, still a few
2:51 am
lingering snow showers coming off the great lakes. this is more representative of what we're expecting. the snow is only on one side. that's an indication we're talking about lake-effect snow. picking up that moisture and dropping it on the far side of the lake from where the wind is coming from. down right cold on saturday. upper 20s for highs in minneapolis and chicago. so very chilly. a few showers still in florida and southern texas on sunday. another system moving into the pacific northwest. still very quiet. keep in mind, we're in december now. we should be seeing storms roll through, but we're in a quiet pattern. things are picking up for southern california by tuesday and rain possible for the southern plains. wednesday, have to watch for an icy mess in the midwest. remember, every weekday, you can watch "wake up with al" on the weather channel. on my journey ,
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time for today's holiday kitchen. we are heading into the deep south for home down, down home holiday. >> former top chef hopeful tiffany fazon grew up with a mother who knew the southern classics. tiffany is heading up north to boston where she owns a new barbecue restaurant called sweet cheeks. what a great name. >> thank you. >> it's fun. i can't believe you have anything left to cook with because we've all been eating. >> that's absolutely the point. we've taken a couple of things you might take home leftovers you might have from sweet cheeks or anywhere else and things you might have from dinner before. make lunches for our kids every morning. what about repurposing things
2:55 am
like -- >> upcycling. >> exactly. that's the theme of today. start with cream cheese. everyone has cream cheese, a little bit of olive oil. if you would dump that broccoli. last night's dinner. there is a little bit left. not sure what to do with it. instead of watching the kids roll their eyes, hide it. throw it in your sandwich. this is a little bit of salt. these are toasted pine nuts and this is a little bit of spanish pinantona. >> this is what we are falling in love with. this item in front. >> this is actually brought from sweet cheeks in boston. it's our brisket, it is completely no antibiotics. chemical free. we smoke it for about 18 hours. if you have that brisket or pot roast at home, you take your schmear here. >> i love that word.
2:56 am
>> i had a doctor named dr. schmear and i loved him. >> you know what kind of doctor he is. >> he is the best proctologist in the business. >> oh, no. >> take this and scmear it from our leftover garlic bread from the evening before. you guys are bad. brisket on top. >> how do you get the crispy thing on the end? >> smoke it low and slow. for about 18 hours. >> oh, my gosh, i'm eating it. >> put a little greens, olive oil. >> come here to the chicken. come here. >> chicken's calling. the idea with this is everyone has toaster waffles in their freezers, especially if you have kids. grab these out. nice and warm. this is mayo with cranberry sauce. just a little bit of cranberry sauce, little orange zest, a little bit of thyme. give that a little go. slap some chicken on it.
2:57 am
>> i like cooking. >> it's almost like cooking. >> can you say whole foods? >> careful. >> you've got this beautiful sandwich made from things you have. >> how do you get your chicken to taste like that? >> i smoke it at sweet cheeks. sorry, i know. that's the answer. >> and this you can inhale. >> absolutely. >> this is a little special cocktail. we call it root beer. it's root, which is a beautiful herbal liqueur. it has a root beer flavor to it. we top it with a little beer, kind of chocolately. >> she doesn't like it. >> i like beer. i like everything else you made today. it was magnificent. >> awesome. >> good luck. >> sweet cheeks. >> thanks. >> we'll be back with a special guest. >> first this is "today" on nbc.
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for too many children in this country a new pair of shoes or winter boots is a luxury they cannot afford. today's toy drive is not about toys but books and clothing.
3:02 am
>> we are happy to receive a wonderful donation of new shoes for needy children thanks to the generosity of stride right. look at the beautiful mother and daughter. >> we are glad to be here, thank you. >> we had a lot of toys and stuffed animals and things like that. you're giving something practical. >> shoes are so important for children. clearly, they are an absolute need. we also make shoes that are fun for the kids, as well. in some ways they think of them as toy for their feet, in a way. >> look at the two of you. >> we have lots of fashion flats for little girls. animal prints are in this year as my daughter is displaying. >> we don't leave out the boys. we always have terrific spiderman and light-up shoes with "star wars" as well as our cars. lots of fun for the kids. >> and little booties. >> these are our prewalker shoes with leather bottoms.
3:03 am
this year we also have our sesame license. there is a wide variety of shoes. >> you're giving away 6,000 extra pairs because of -- >> we gave away 6,000 extra pairs last year when you were so kind to have us on with a facebook drive. that kicked off a facebook program that got us to over 100,000 friends. it was terrific. thank you for that. this year we are actually, in celebration of our partnership with the "today" show and $4 million worth of shoes, we are having a drive with a buy one give one opportunity. >> that is awesome. >> so for every shoe we sell on the through december 16th, we'll be giving away robby's prewalker for little babies. >> thanks for coming. glad you came. >> thank you so much. a lot coming up tomorrow. we have our ambush makeover team and special performance. >> by robin thicke. have a great thirsty thursday.
3:04 am
tomorrow is try day friday. >> we are going to party it up with the "today" show crowd. see you later. bye-bye. -- captions by vitac -- >> oh, and kourtney kardashian's having there's kim, there's [ laughter ] featuring rickey minor emmy-winning actress


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